Wednesday, March 4, 2015


Jai Swaminarayan

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Sell Nifty 8940 sl 8971t:8901-8893 low 8896 
and more 
Sell BNifty blw 19670 t:19552-19503 made low 19535 and more
Enjooy shorts and make profits  
Buy Nifty 8800 Pe 70 sl 62 t:80-85 high 84.75 

Only Nifty Buy 8960 and Image result for thumbs up Thummmmpppssss uppp........ High 9006 ........... Holi Hai.........
-------------------------------------------------------------- LT Sell 1827 t:1816-1808-1803

SunpharAdv Buy 415 today locked in upper circuit  and t:495 still to come : Buy call given on 02 MArch

Wishing you all a Happy and Colourfull Holi : 
May the coming Years get filled with PROFITS - Truck load ;) 



WTP intraday 10 ka dam 
NIFTY Sell 9071 t:8982-8955
8800 PE Buy 45 t: 65-73 high 78 

Monday, March 2, 2015


good morning

Nifty Buy 9020 t:9040-9068-9080 sl 9001

Options have heavy Premium so no much space left for Entry 

P>A>T>S - Price Analysis is there na
RECLTD Buy 362 t:369-371
RELCAPITAL Buy 469 t:475-479
Ril Buy 889 t:902-906
RELINFRA Buy 493 t:497-502

Dr Readdy 3433 t:3477-3500 

Modified Learning - EOD Charts

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Monday P.A.T.S

Modified Learning and P.A.T.S
Buy Nifty 9005 t:9026-9036 sl 8991 high  9033
Sell Nifty 8991 t:8963-8946 sl 9005 low 8944
PATS Targets -Projected always achivable... See after taking the target (WA) Nifty bounced.
P.A.T.S is always in track..............
Buy Nifty 8991 t:9010-9026 high 9011

RELINFRA Buy 483 t:488-490 done done  
RECLTD Buy 349 t:362-366 done done
AXISBANK Buy 635 t:643-645done done


A Intelligent Price Analysis and Price Projection Trading System - P.A.T.S

March Nifty
Sell 8873 t:8809-8775 Low 8719

Friday, February 27, 2015


Nifty Sell 8931 t:8896
Nifty Buy 8951 t:8986 
BNifty Buy 19439 t:19509

8500 PE Buy 40 sl 30

Saturday - AAcha Din AAyanga !!!

Positional ab 8820 will see 150 Points and SGX NIFTY now 8966
Learn the correct technical way to trade the market .
Modified Learning 
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