Wednesday, September 30, 2015



10 KA DAM NIFTY Sell 8009 t:7974-7964 sl 8019 all done
P.A.T.S Trading always in Trend...

7900 Pe Buy did part 141 rest holding trail sl 128 
Positional Holding Longs in Nifty ..with a covered Call Strategy..

Modified Learning


Nifty Buy 7916 sl 7900 t:7940-55-67 high did 7963
This is P.A.T.S - 10 KA DAM HAR DAAM

Tatasteel Buy 208 t:211 completed
Reliance Buy 849 t:857 completed
Market is in strength.. Lets hope it remains 

Banknifty sell blw 17420 t:17255 low 17228

Monday, September 28, 2015

JAi Ganesh

Modified Learning 
Positional last week short 7959 holding and this week covered part 7720 and rest 7800

Best is the power of P.A.T.S

Projected Targets and Crucial Areas are WA (watch area). And this week WA was 7691 on the down side and not broken low 7705.
Markets made a U turn and Rallies to 7969.

This is what is called PRICE ANALYSIS and PRICE Projected tgt. 

This system helps in Trading Index / Futures  Stocks and Options.
Know the levels before hand.. and plan your trade.

Buy in 8000 CE made high 148 now trailing with sl 130
P.A.T.S. Weekly
Nifty Weekly WTP Trading System.
Buy not active
Sell tgt WA 7779-7744 low 7718 so almost WA 7691-7592


Modified Learning Trading System

Monday Blues

Buy Nifty 7880 sl 7860 t:7920-7930 high 7929.8
Sell Nifty 7870 sl 7900 t:7940-7830 low 7826
Buy 8100 CE 80 sl 70 t:90-110

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Jai Swaminarayan

Modified Learning Trading System 
Positional Intraday 
Nifty /Stocks /Options /and Dow/ Nasdaq /S&P

Nifty Buy 7838 t:7860-7890 all done high 7896

BNifty Buy 17100 sl 17050 t:17220-17250 high 17277 

Expire Special : 
Hero Ya Zero Buy 7850 CE 15  t:30+++ high 49