Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Intraday WTP 
Adaniport Fno
Buy 207.50 t:208.80-210.49-212.15 all completed enjoooooooy intrday 

 Made high 14.95

Currency - USDINR

Modified studies : 
USDINR holds 60.59 and clears 60.85 can be bullish for short term for 61.02-61.80, COMPLETED 61.02 
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Long only Trades

After seeing all the post I have been putting here. You all will be able to know that all positional calls for short term  investors have given a good consistent return. To avail of the deliver calls I am starting a service where you all will be getting the Trading calls (only Buy calls) with perfect entry / SL and Tgt  to generate around 4-7% per trade. All delivery calls will be in NSE 50 / BSE 30  based stocks.


Silver Buy 42180 t:42395-42510 high 42470

Copper Buy 409.50 t:410.50-411 done tgt


Monday, April 21, 2014


Good Morning
Jai Ganesh

Positional tgt of 1045 finally comes in m&m 
Tata chem positional did part 291
Bhel positional did part 188

WTP intrday : only Reliance today
Reliance Buy 967 t:971-973-977
Weekly WTP Relinace 

Buy 969 t:976-982-988

Told in morning only 1 star today and RELIANCE made all my weekly targets complete today only

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Ambuja Cement Sell 216 t:214.30-213.45 done
PNB Sell 799 t:794.50-788

Lupin Buy 964 t:971-974

Modified studies : 
USDINR Buy @ 60.59 and now hurdle 60.85 clearsis bullish for short term for 61.02-61.80

WTP Trading Buy 60.67 t:6073-60.80-60.87 sl 60.60

WTP Workshop

Positional WTP Weekly - Max TGT
Achived  Today only - Monday
LnT Buy 1294 t:1307-1324-1341 

M&M Buy 1012 t:1019-1028-1038 
Biocon Buy 463 t:467-472-477
Yes Bk Buy 431 t:440-449

SBI Buy 2050 t:2066-2086-2106