Tuesday, July 29, 2014


Good Morning

Best Buy
Bhartairtell Buy361  t:371.40-377 completed tgt1 Perfect hai na

Weekly (1665-1646)

Sell 1639 t:1633-1626-1610-1594 HAMMARED all done done done

 As told in Webinar Support System. Call was send to all my Students and Clinets.. 
Shower of Profits and Gains....

INFY Sell :3373 t:3366-3361 low 3360 as always learntotradeprice
TataM Sell 446 t:444-443 low 442.50

PFC Buy 263 t:265-266-268
RECLTD Buy 308 t:312-314-316


Saturday, July 26, 2014



Nifty Sell 7799 t:7769-7760-7724 low 7722.70
Good Weekly Support Area. If Breaks 7724 more bearish Nifty..

BANKNIFTY Sell 15352 t:15311- 15287-15267 low 15207

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TATASTEEL Sell 557 t:553-550 low 552.50
RELCAPITAL Sell 588 t:585-583 low 581.50
LnT Sell 1659 t:1653-1649
RELIANCE Sell 1015 t:1010-1007 low 1005
JUBLFOOD Sell 1276 t:1269-1264 low 1266.7

A supper dupper Feedback from my Client:

Asian today achieved 644.90 your another target Sir.
Subrata Sengupta: Wockhard to dhum machaye last week me.
Subrata Sengupta: WTP is not good. It is the best for the beginners as well as experts also. Thank You Sir.
Last message received on 07/28 at 3:53 PM 

Friday, July 25, 2014


A fantastic Webinar today with more then 78 Attendees. 
I am thanking all those who attended .

On popular demand 

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Thursday, July 24, 2014


Price Analysis WTP Trading System

No magic : 
NIFTY Sell @ morning 7796-7789-7776-7757 

see the low 7768.50 more below it
No magic :
BANKNIFTY Morning sell t:15483-15460-15393-15320 see low 15330  more bw it 
 Price Analysis - A Look in
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The biggest compliment :
A recent attendee of the workshop
nitin pandit: Ok
nitin pandit: Sun pharma target achieved sir see Dr reddy
dcadvice: kk
nitin pandit: Drreddy target achieved
dcadvice: ok
nitin pandit: Dlf sell 212.5- 212.05 achieved
dcadvice: ok
dcadvice: chaaaapooo money

nitin pandit: Wtp works

Relinfra Sell 754 t:749-745-741
Tata Motor Sell 482 t:478-475
PNB Sell 924 t:919-916
Relcap Sell 606 t:600-596
Lnt Sell 1658 WA 1654 t:1650-1646
ADANIENT Sell 431 t:428-425-422-420
AXISBANK Sell 1997 t:1989-1984-1979 

2days only Special Price 
Stocks 1 month Rs.5000/- not 5500/-
Nifty 1 month Rs. 3600/- not 4000/-


WTP Price Analysis Weekly 

Silver Sell 44800 t:44365-44191 
completed low 44012 next 43820

Gold Sell Sell 27830 t:27740-27580 made low 27612

Copper Buy 428.5 t:432-435-438 high 435.75

Wednesday, July 23, 2014



Buy 7778 t:7806-7817-7837 high 7836.80 
Buy 15489 t:15537-15566-15589 high 15589.90

This is what WTP PRICE ANALYSIS can PROJECT Targets ..
Dont be Surprised or Dont think this is cooked up levels ....

22 jul 2014 9:16:26 AM  dcadvice 
Long Trade 

Buy Asian Pt 599 sl 587 t:625-634 and more today high 623.8



Nibujoe Mathew says:
"You are brilliant :-)"


TataSteel Buy 561.5 t:568.5-570
Just Dial Buy 1589 t:1606-1615

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Do you all remember this 

Today Market to test this levels again and clears this will be more bullish

NIfty salutes it as high  7805

Weekly Price Analysis Trading System
Buy 7737 to 7792

My Nifty 7500  CE @ 77 now 299
My coal india from 381 to 391
My Biocon from 503 to 523

All this for a monthly sub Nifty 4000 and stocks 5500 

PFC Sell 276 t:274-273
RECLTD Sell 319 t:316-315
RELCAPITAL Sell 600 t:596-594
RELIANCE Sell 1031 t:1027-1025-1021
RELINFRA Sell 761 t:757-754-752