Thursday, September 3, 2015


EOD P.A.T.S W.T.P Trading 

7600 PE B 113 t:137-149 high 176


Nifty Sell  7740 t:7700-7650

BNifty Sell 16403-16321-16240-16100

The Secret is Out of Price Behavior Science..
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Today low 7632 so just few steps for last tgt of this week
Nifty Weekly WTP Trading System (P.A.T.S)
Buy not active and
Sell 7890 WA 7733 completed next -7593

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Jai Swaminarayan

EOD WTP Trading System
Nifty B 7789 t:7818-7857 high 7859
Bnifty B 16440 t:16556-16610 high 16630

WTP Trading Simple System
No Need of Technical Analysis
No Charts
Only Price Analysis and Price Behavior Analysis


Modified Indicators

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Price Analysis Trading System

A most Inovative and simple trading system for Nifty Trading.
Positional Trading never simplifed.
No Indicator,No charts only Points to take position.
No Emotions so No Confusion only Entry / Target / Stoploss.

THE SECRET ..reveled

The Secret of Consistent Profitable TRader (CPT) :

"Do What the Market is doing" -

As someone Told "Want what the Market Wants".

Become a Follower and see the results...

WTP Trading System
 is derived out of my quest for the Secret..

The Secret of how to be a consistent profitable Trader.

One thing is consistent and constant of all traders is the brokerage we pay.. 


Good Morning

We have Carry position @ 7779 in Nifty and covered 7840
8000 Ce Buy 120 btst exir 137

Again Buy 7858 sl hit 7838 today

10 Ka Dam --- Hari Bool

NIFTY Sell 7812 t:7762-7748 low 7721
BANKNIFTY Sell 16453 t:16309-16220 low 16233 ;(

YESBANK Sell 666 t:659-654 low 657
AXISBANK Sell 481 t:473-471

Monday, August 31, 2015


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We have carried short@8014 position ....
covered @ 7912
Sold again 
NIFTY Sell  7918 t:7869-7795 
BANKNIFTY Sell 16845 t:16782 -16480 low 16478
7800 PE Buy 110 exit 260
7600 PE 90 exit 170

Special Offer
Nifty Fut and Options - 1 Month Rs.3100/-
Nifty Options  - 1Month Rs.2500/-

Modified Learning Indicator for metastock
Rs.25000/- Life Time/............

Nifty Weekly WTP Trading System (P.A.T.S)
Buy not active and
Sell 7890 WA 7858-7808 completed next WA 7733 and more

Learn Options Trading
1/2 day workshop : Rs.5000/-
No alpha Beta Gama ..Mamma.. or OI
Pure Learning in understading with Mathametical Calculations


Sunday, August 30, 2015


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We Have Short carried @8080 and as told more weakness below 7980
Covered 7980 
Buy Nifty 8000 sl 7970 t:8040-50 high 8069
Sell Nifty 8014 t:7980-7970 low 7961
Sell Banknifty 17310 t:17238-17138  

Nifty hurdle 8056-8088-8154 

Support 7980-7943-7910 breaks tgt 7834.